Welcome to AO Classic!

AO Classic is a private Atlantica server, aiming to bring the OG experience of the game
without feeling you need to chip in real money to enjoy it!

One of our core values at AO Classic is we want to give an equal experience to everyone. Therefor we have completely eliminated the Pay2Win aspect of the game.
We will not provide an Item Mall to buy your stuff, everything will go only through the ingame Marketplace and events!

– GM Sarah

What is the reasoning behind us eliminating the entire Item Mall and how can we do this?

We don’t want players to feel like they can’t compete with others because they don’t have as much money to spend on the game. Everyone has access to the same resources and items through the ingame Marketplace and hosted events!

– GM Azaleane

To get started with AO Classic, go ahead and download our client here and don’t forget to join our discord!

Have fun!!
– AO Classic Team